About Athenian

We were born with one

To inspire you to live every moment of your life with enthusiasm and energy by creating advanced products that provide you with a great sleep (perfect sleep quality).

Our Mission
To offer unique life experiences, creating products (sleep systems) of high efficiency, innovative, technologically advanced, of unparalleled quality materials and aesthetics.

Our heritage
leads our future

  • Our precious Legacy that left its mark on the Greek history of the Mattress
  • Our undisputed Leadership in the market
  • The Reliability we have gained in the minds of consumers
  • The unique Production Facilities
  • Mass Customisation
  • Certified R&D Lab
  • Our passion for Innovation
  • The Unparalleled Quality that allows us to create unique experiences

Our values
is our ethos

  • We act as one and we are effective
  • We understand the needs of the consumer
  • We are honest and strive for the best every moment
  • We love our country